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Our Etsty/Ebay Customers Appreciate what we do too!

Sometimes we sell things online after a sale is over...

Thank you so much Warren..... I am back home in Philadelphia but my sister let me know the package arrived. This is what she said - ‘Mom is thrilled!! She said that she and dad spent a ton of time at Niagara-on-the-Lake. She is keeping the sign too!! Loves it!! She absolutely loved the packing sign they cut up and rolled the address book in it-was very nicely packaged-brought back a lot of good memories ! ‘

Warren you have my permission to use any or all of this note in any customer rating comments. 

Thanks again, Lani  



"We were planning to relocate/downsize and the task was just too difficult for us to undertake. We interviewed several companies and were not encouraged at all with their business practices and had given up. The following day we came across the Estate Sales Niagara ad and thought why not give it another try!

Upon meeting Warren and Cassy we liked their down-to-earth and most importantly thorough and professional approach.  

We also liked the idea of not having to pay money up front without knowing what to expect, they present a percentage of their cost which they would collect at the end of the sales...perfect!

They took care with displaying, fairly pricing and promoting all of the items we wanted to sell. As well, they were present for all items that were being picked up after the sale, making the whole experience for us stress-free.

We would highly recommend them if you are considering either having an estate sale or relocation/downsizing sales as we did.

Thank you so much Warren and Cassy, we could never have done it ourselves."
-Antoniette and Maria


Fonthill Charity Estate Sale

"Women's Place of South Niagara"
"Professional, honest, knowledgeable and great to work with. Anyone needing this service would not be disappointed with Estate Sales Niagara. I can't wait to work with them again :)"


Old Glenridge St. Catharines

"Estate Sales Niagara saved us so much time and energy during our move. They were professional and got the job done, exactly how they said they would. I highly recommend using them to make your move or to settle an estate, much easier. I do not hesitate to rate them 5 stars. Thanks Cassy, Warren and staff!!"