Frequently asked questions

What is an Estate Sale?

An Estate Sale sells everything that makes up a home: from all the items in the yard, the garage and the house to the cleaning products and the clothes. DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY!!! We use the house as the venue for the sale. We tag everything with a price and buyers may negotiate to close the sale.

How do you get started?

Timing is important. Call us for a free consultation as soon as you think you may need our services. We book weekens 4-6 weeks in advance. We prefer two weeks’ notice, but we we’ve done sales with only five to seven days’ lead time (as long as that weekend hasn't been booked).

How much do you charge?

We work off a commission structure to ensure you get the best prices for your items. After the sale is complete and any additional services (junk removal, cleaning etc.) are paid, then the rest of the money comes directly to you.

How does an Online Auction work?

This service is for house cleanout after the sale, or for condos that don't allow a 

physical tag sale. Visit

to see some examples.

What if the Estate is in a gated community or has an association that does not allow sales?

Each condominium has different rules. We need to get permission from management or the condo corp. for some buildings.

What if we have possessions in storage or at other locations?

They would need to be moved to the location of the sale. We have a local small job mover you can hire to do this. We use the home as the venue for the weekend of the sale.

What if there are cars, recreation vehicles, boats, motorcycles, R.V.’s, etc?

We can find you buyers and make arrangements to sell these as well.  

What if we live out of Province?

 We can meet and work with a family member, friend, realtor etc. We can email the whole group with updates and also set up telephone conferences if required. 

What if we are downsizing and packing to move during the sale?

We will set up areas for you and your belongings where our buyers do not go during the sale. Its easy to close off sections of the house to facilitate liquidation and packing at the same time.

How do you control crowds in the home?

There is only 1 entrance into the sale with the cash  table at that door. We let a set number of people into the home at a time. Our customers understand that the door doesn't open until the posted time, that shoes must be removed, that DO NOT ENTER signs must be obeyed.

What if we need to stage the house for photos?

We can work with your realtor to come up with an appropriate plan. We have run sales where larger furniture pieces are not available for pickup until weeks after the actual sale.

What happens after the sale?

Leftover items can be liquidated, sent to auction, donated, picked up by junk removal or placed at the curbside. Each sale is unique and this will be part of the overall plan for your situation.